A Closer Look At Residential Properties

Before you purchase or sell a home in Cape Coral, FL, it is important to analyze every little detail of the property. Often, buyers and sellers lose money because of a wrong evaluation and a few missing details. Residential inspections can help put the right price on a property by maintaining transparency and providing a […]

What Commercial Building Inspectors Look For?

Investing in a commercial property can set you back quite a bit. Making such a huge decision should involve the right amount of planning. It is also wise to research the property in detail so you don’t lose money. Commercial properties usually involve:       Investors       Commercial mortgage-backed security     […]

Professional Home Inspection Benefits

Professional home inspections help buyers and sellers make the right decision about their home. It offers transparency, not only to individuals but also to:       Insurance companies       Architects       Real estate agents       Bankers       Interior designers       Developers Home inspections in […]

Gain a Better Understanding of Your Property Through Commercial Inspections

Business properties usually find themselves under a completely different set of rules and regulations from most residential properties. In fact, many times, they have to have safety equipment and certain types of access that never even have to be considered in private homes. Handicap-accessible restrooms and emergency exits are just two good examples. For this […]

Common Questions About Residential Inspections

There are many reasons that a homeowner might need to bring in a professional evaluator to look over their property. Perhaps they are getting ready to have renovation or remodeling work performed, and they need to make sure everything is sound. Other times it may be to see if anything needs to be addressed before […]